About Me

Basia has worked in the spa industry for 10 years. She started at a co-op placement at the Park Hyatts Stillwater Spa and even though her responsibility and duties laid with the front end of the spa she instantly fell in love with the industry.

After the completion of her hospitality program at Humber Collage, Basia decided to learn the trade while working at the Old Mill Inn located in Toronto. She began working in reservations however was eventually hired on in the spa.

portrait and book

Throughout the years Basia has traveled throughout Europe and took the opportunity to experience spa’s in Germany, Italy, Poland and in many other European countries. After experiencing the industry in countries around the world she eventually came back to Canada and was employed by some of the most prominent spas in Toronto. A newlywed, Basia now resides in Grimbsy with her husband and has brought the New Garden Spa to you.

Basia is convinced that her spa will be a success because of the trusting, friendly and welcoming people in Grimsby community. To date, word of mouth advertisting is all she has relied on and it’s only in such a beautiful community that she feels comfortable opening up her home to complete strangers.

When Basia is not working she enjoys walking by the lake with her dog Dakota or hiking along the Bruce Trail on the picturesque escarpment. She loves to read and has a real passion for cooking. Feel free to bring in one of your favourite recipes next time you visit her at the New Garden Spa.